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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Water Sculptures... Amazing and Beautiful! by Ronny Tertnes

Photographer of the Week:  Ronny Tertnes, Norway

It's hard to imagine that these are photographs.

Ronny Tertnes, a photographer from Norway, calls them Water Sculptures or Liquid Sculptures or just Drop Photography. I first came across Ronny's work several years ago on Facebook and thankfully saved the links.. because now I can share his work with all of you.

Each one of Ronny's water sculptures is different; each one is amazing and unusual.

Below, just a sample:


Bare et lite plask "Just a little splash" HERE at Tertnes' Facebook page  

And the last sample (for now):

No name on this one, but found HERE on Facebook

Tertnes has a Facebook page HERE:  Liquid Sculptures by Ronny Tertnes

For those photography buffs who would like to try some water art of their own, Tertnes talks technical settings HERE and provides a few more gorgeous examples of water art.  He uses a kit and he talks about that as well.

He writes, "Sometimes I take a broken drop photo and mirror half the image to create a symmetric and artistic liquid sculpture."

A new frontier:  Water art photography.

Please visit Ronny's links above.  

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