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Thursday, March 7, 2019

It's World Book Day, March 7: For the Love of Books

Why We Read: 

Books are magic. They can take you anywhere you want to go.  They take you to different times; they let you visit people who lived hundreds of years earlier; they let you imagine what it would be like to live hundreds of years later.  You can be rich or you can be poor; you can experience anything through a book.
(A friend posted this illustration on Facebook . If I can find the source, I will credit it.) 

In honor of World Book Day, at least World Book Day in the UK, I'm going to reintroduce an article I wrote last year about the joy and magic of books:

At one time we had hundreds of books, actually we had several thousand books.  My first husband and I were both book collectors; our first date included a trip to a used book store with thousands of cheap books.  My ex-husband built bookshelves everywhere...  We had library stacks in the basement, library stacks in the extra rooms on the third floor; the closets that we didn't need for clothing or storage were turned into floor-to-ceiling book shelves. 

But then life changed..... 

The story continues here:
 For the Love of Books.......


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