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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

Some of my favorite Mother's Day cartoons--  

Have a wonderful Mother's Day.. and a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!

Here's a good one.. Oh so true!

So true!  I have this one credited to "Sue Fitz" on Facebook.

Found on etsy:

Found on etsy

Maxine's always got it right!
From Maxine.com 

Even if you had girls and they didn't play ball, you still understand this!
 By Drew Litton

I just saw this one today on Twitter.. Hilarious!  To a Mom who "tried":

From "It's called Whiskey" on Twitter.

Happy Mother's Day from the dog.... 

From Sun-Gazing 

And for the feline Mommies out there:

My friend Jean posted this on Facebook.   

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