Sunday, May 14, 2017

More Mother's Day Humor!

Dedicated to all of the Slightly Insane Mothers out there.  Happy Mother's Day!
(More Mother's Day humor and thoughts HERE.)

I haven't checked the source of this quote, but I know it to be true from personal experience:

From Purple Clover
From the New Yorker

But there is a missing apostrophe in this one... It does get better when the kids get older and move out.  Then you magically remember how to use apostrophes again.  
I didn't notice the fortune teller when I first posted this cartoon:
Where's the gardener?

Some of us were more rotten teenagers than others.

I made homemade playdough with my son, many cakes, breads, and cookies from scratch, and we even did the natural-colored Easter eggs a few years.  I must say that I never tried the rainbox spaghetti.

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