Recipes.. Old, New, Mine, and Stolen...

Can you really organize recipes? 

So many flavorful and delightful recipes float across my timelines and newsfeeds every day.  I'm sure they float across your timelines and newsfeeds every day as well.  AND I have been storing recipes for years, first as pieces of paper in folders, now with hundreds of bookmarks, some more logically arranged, some not so logically arranged.  Not to mention the 100 or so cookbooks that I still have stashed in various nooks and crannies of our home!

So here's the beginning of the Great Recipe Organizing Project as of early Spring 2018.  I'm gradually moving all of my recipes to a new blog which I've named Cheese, Chocolate, and Other Delights.  For a few weeks, I will be double posting new recipes both here and at Cheese and Chocolate.   The more recipes I add, the more I'll organize.  (Well, that's the idea anyway!)  You may well find something you must cook... NOW!

Drinks with alcohol:

Easter:  Time to Enjoy Boozed-up Bunnies

Boozy Bunny Jello Shots

Vodka, Bailey's, and Coffee Freeze

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