Saturday, April 15, 2017

Boozy Bunny Jello Shots

Another way to booze up your chocolate Easter bunnies:

Photo and recipe from OhBiteIt

I first saw this photo somewhere, can't remember where, but I had to track down the original.. which apparently was published two years ago at a site called "O Bite It".. very clever for a food blog, I must admit!

Just a quick description before I send you off to OhBiteIt for the specifics..

The vodka (or perhaps another alcoholic beverage) replaces the water in the Jello recipe.  So simple!  In this recipe you carefully cut off and save those bunny ears and later "glue" them back on with whipped cream.

Boozed Up Bunny Jello Shots from Oh Bite It  HERE!

Easter desserts: A Simple Easter Nest Cake

An Easter nest cake from Delish:

Easter Nest Egg Cake from Delish

This cake is simple, but really looks extravagent! You can use any bundt cake, store bought, or one you make yourself from your favorite recipe...... Just use a lot of frosting and a big assortment of various Easter eggs and Easter egg candies to fill up the nest.

Details HERE. 

Easter: Time to Enjoy Boozed-Up Bunnies

It's Easter weekend, and time to enjoy chocolate Easter Bunnies... adult style!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Easter Humor- Page 2

Easter (corny) humor collection-- Page 2 (Page 1 is HERE in case you missed it.)

Love those Peeps!

Easter humor.. Page 1 (Updated for Easter 2018)

Presenting my collection of Easter and Easter egg humor!

There's always that one guy that stands out in a lineup.

So silly!  From Healthy Body Buzz: Household hacks with Easter peeps!

How can you not love Maxine?  

Here's two... if you thought that eggs aren't catty...

Different eggs, same thoughts..
More HERE at Page 2 of Easter humor!Check out Easter recipes and ideas at our new blog:  Cheese, Chocolate, and Other Delights! 

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Thirty Days of Flowers - Day 1: Orchids!

Thirty Days of Flowers

I started Thirty Days of Flowers on my Facebook page when it was miserable and cold here in Chicago in late February and March.  It was rainy then snowy then just plain dreary.  So Thirty Days of Flowers will make a splash each day during the month of April 2017.  For April showers do bring May flowers, and by the end of the month we'll have flowers, trees, and bushes blooming everywhere.
Day 1:  Celebrating the annual Orchid Show at the Chicago Botanic Garden which was held in March.


Flowers, whether poking up through the ground, on display in a conservatory, in a store-bought bouquet on your display shelf, or on your dining table; flowers, as paintings or photos framed in your hallway, can help to ease the misery and pain of cold, of depression, of just plain bad tidings, and bad happenings!  And for those of us in cold climates, we can anticipate the joy and bright colors of Spring.

So I started my "Thirty Days of Flowers" project, using photos from family and friends, photos I have collected over the years, paintings of flowers, from both well known artists of the past and from current artists.

Day 1:  Chicago Botanic Gardens Orchid Show

Day 1 was an acknowledgement to the Chicago-area Chicago Botanic Gardens which was holding their annual Orchid Show.  Though the Orchid Show is over, the beautiful photos are still here for us to admire until the next Orchid Show!

Day 2:  Nancy Medina 

And on to Day 2 of Thirty Days of Flowers:  We'll highlight a gifted artist who paints beautiful bouquets of flowers and also holds classes named Nancy Medina.
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