Sunday, May 8, 2016

I Miss My Mommy.. A Mother's Day Tribute

A tribute to my Mommy... and to all of those Mommies in heaven everywhere...

(Originally written for Mother's Day 2016)

I think I had the best Mommy in the world.

She was kind, loving, hard working, fiercely loyal, selfless, and joyous... And she had a great singing voice!

I remember her singing show tunes and tunes from the 40's and 50's when we were little.  We grew up with song and it made everything seem better.  I have always loved to sing, but I did not inherit my mother's wonderful voice.  She joined a Mother Singers group when we were in school, and it brought her great joy.    

Mommy and me Spring 1953
My Mom loved Judy Garland.  In the days before cable, DVD's, and movies on demand, Meet Me in St. Louis would often be on the T.V. on Christmas Eve.  Years after I moved out, I remember scurrying home, to my Mom and Dad's home, to watch Meet Me in St. Louis with my mother.  I can never see any Judy Garland movie without thinking of my Mom.

Mom with the two of us, early 1954

When we were older...

Mom would do just about anything for us.. Isn't that what Moms do?

One year when my sister was enrolled at Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois, a dog bit her and then ran off.  The people at the ISU health center told her that, unless they found the dog and verified that the dog had his/her rabies shots, my sister would have to go through a painful rabies series.  My sister called my Mom in great distress.  My Mom was not going to let that happen; she got in her car and drove down to Normal that afternoon to help my sister track down that dog.

I don't remember the details, but she and my sister drove around, went to the local newspaper to insist that they put a notice in the paper to find the dog, and went to the animal control department to look at rabies records.  My mother would not quit until they found that dog.  They eventually did find the dog; the dog had had his/her rabies shot, and my sister was fine; crisis averted.. Thanks to Mom!

Kent State Riots

When the Kent State riots broke out when I was a freshman at Northern Illinois University back in 1970, my Mom and Dad drove up to school to get me.. over my protests.  Everything was fine; I told my mom; the campus had quieted down, no need for me to come home.  But my Mom would have none of it.  I was angry at Mom, of course; I was 18 and had a new boyfriend.  But she and my dad cared enough to get in the car after a long day of work and come and get me.. just to make sure I was OK.  Their trip looks very different from the perspective of 2016 than it did 46 years ago back in 1970.

Driving Practice..

When I was 16 my Mom took over driving practice after I came home in tears after a driving session with my Dad.  I refused to go driving with him any more.  I can still remember my mother upbraiding him, "For heaven's sake, Chuck.  What did you do?  Why is the kid crying?"  It was much better to drive with my Mom anyway.  She drove the pretty new Malibu Blue 1967 Impala with power brakes and power steering, while my Dad drove the lumbering 1960 Chevy Impala with no power anything.  The next year when it was my sister's turn to drive, my Mom just started driving with her from the get go.

She was great.

She worried for us, cried about us, laughed with us, endured three bouts with cancer (and survived), yelled at us when we were slobs, and was just always there.  She pounded on doors and made phone calls on our behalf.  She drove us everywhere, put up with our adolescent insanity, and I never questioned her love; never questioned her absolute deep 
commitment towards her two children.  She loved us equally and unconditionally.  

And when we had our kids, she was the absolutely best Grandma that any kid could ever have.  

I will never get over losing my Mom.  I hope that somewhere in heaven she is still singing those show tunes with the angels.

Love you, Mom!  Happy Mother's Day!

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