Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Creepystuff for Halloween and the Day of the Dead

So cool; so creepy! 

One of my favorite etsy shops is Creepystuff, which specializes in, well, creepy stuff-- Handmade creepy stuff, that is.  Creepystuff has great stuff for Halloween and Day of the Dead celebrations.

I wrote about Creepystuff a couple of years ago HERE, but shop owner Nan keeps adding new things. It might be a little late to order things for Halloween or Day of the Dead.. but not too late to add a few special items to your collection... for next year (on sale) or even sugar skull ornaments or voodoo wreaths for a unique Christmas.

One of a kind monster Halloween frame:

Halloween monsters picture frame. Details HERE 

All of those monster faces are handmade.  Keep photo memories of your creepiest Halloween celebrations all year round.. or just during the Halloween season.

Day of the Dead Box:

Features 9 detailed, handpainted sugar skulls & loads of flowers.   Details HERE.
"One of a kind, original, handpainted Day of the Dead sugar skulls & flowers wooden box.  Varnished. Measures 7" x 6 1/2" x 4 1/4" deep. Nice size for jewelry, trinkets, etc."  Or to hold small oddities and curiosities?

Great sign for announcing the haunting time of the year:

Werewolf leg, coffins, ghost, a witch & more! Details HERE.
Sugar skulls

And let's not forget that it's also time to celebrate the Day of the Dead:

Sugar skulls are traditional, and Creepystuff has polymer sugar skulls --- in an assortment of colors ----ready for hanging now.. or on your Christmas tree!  Here's a red one, but they are available in purple, blue, violet stripes as well.

Original handmade sugar skull polymer clay ornament.  Details HERE

All of your voodoo or zombie decorating needs

Creepystuff has great stuff for all of your voodoo, zombie, Halloween, or Day of the Dead needs. Finally, don't miss the cute zombie couple in their coffins:

Nothing says eternal love like a zombie couple in their coffins!  Details HERE.

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